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ADA Complete Nurses Guide to Diabetes Care - Third Edition

ADA Complete Nurses Guide to Diabetes Care - Third Edition

$ 59.95

ADA Complete Nurse's Guide to Diabetes Care

This guide provides nurses and health care professionals with key aspects of diabetes management, treatment, and risk reduction strategies.

An excellent resource for those planning to take Board Certification in Advanced DM Management Exam (BC-ADM) or for those interested in expanding knowledge of issues specific to women, children, and the elderly. Includes management for type 1, type 2 and more. 3rd Ed 2017, 664 pgs.

Topics include:

  • The evolution of the nurse's roles in diabetes care and education
  • Recent research on complications and associated diseases
  • Practical issues, such as the effects of anxiety, depression, and polypharmacy
  • Updated guidelines for nutrition therapy and physical activity
  • How diabetes affects women, children, and the elderly
  • An extensive resources section featuring contact information for useful organizations and essential patient care

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