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Books for Study & Professional Reference


All of the books we have for sale are helpful for studying for certification exams such as the CDCES or BC-ADM exam, however we feature 3 which are essential tools for Diabetes Specialists:

  • The AADE's 5th Edition Review Guide gives over 480 practice questions with rationale to help prepare you for success on the CDCES exam.
  • The AADE's 4th Edition Desk Reference is both a helpful study tool and an excellent, professional reference guide. Most notably, students have reported success on the CDCES exam in part from reading through the case studies in this book (which are conveniently highlighted in colored boxes throughout).
  • The ADA's Standards of Care is one of the most important books to read cover to cover before the exam, and besides that it contains all the standards one should be following in day to day clinical practice.

We offer book bundles to help save money so please feel free browse through, email us, or chat with us to find out if the books you are interested in are also available in a bundle.

For BC-ADM specifically, we would recommend being familiar with the ADA's Complete Nurses Guide to Diabetes Care.


The Diabetes Ready Reference is the number one professional reference to have for any health care professional on-the-go, as it offers a quick way to brush up on clinical care for type 1, type 2, and gestational diabetes.

The AADE's Art & Science Desk Reference is the practicing health care professional's comprehensive guide to Diabetes. No office, clinic, hospital, or health care organization is complete without one.

Expand Your Knowledge in Critical Clinical Subject Matter: