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ADCES Desk Reference  - 6th Edition

ADCES Desk Reference - 6th Edition

$ 282.00

The Art and Science of Diabetes Care and Education - 6th Edition

The ADCES (formerly AADE) Art and Science of Diabetes Care and Education, 6th Edition is a specialist's one-volume, go-to resource for the core knowledge and skills for providing person-centered care and education to persons with diabetes and related chronic conditions. This is a core resource for those who are studying for the Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialist (CDCES) exam.

Major Features:

  • Practical information educators can use with patients to avoid complications and comorbidities
  • Risks and benefits of CGM and the educator’s role in working with patients who use CGM
  • Updated info on incorporating the ADA, ADCES, and AND joint position statement and algorithm of care into a DSME program


  • All chapters updated to the American Diabetes Association 2023 Standards of Care in Diabetes.
  • All chapters updated with person-first, empowering language.
  • New Appendix: Insulin Pump Therapy and Automated Insulin Delivery Systems

Chapter List:

  • Chapter 1: Diabetes Care and Education: Rich Past, Challenging Present, Promising Future
  • Chapter 2: The Diabetes Self-Management Education Process
  • Chapter 3: Theoretical and Behavioral Approaches to the Self-Management of Health
  • Chapter 4: Healthy Coping
  • Chapter 5: Health Eating
  • Chapter 6: Being Active
  • Chapter 7: Taking Medication
  • Chapter 8: Monitoring
  • Chapter 9: Reducing Risks
  • Chapter 10: Problem Solving
  • Chapter 11: Diabetes Education Program Management
  • Chapter 12: Transitional Care
  • Chapter 13: Pathophysiology of the Metabolic Disorder 
  • Chapter 14: Type 1 Diabetes Throughout the Lifes Span
  • Chapter 15: Type 2 Diabetes Throughout the Lifes Span
  • Chapter 16: Nutrition Therapy
  • Chapter 17: Pharmacotherapy for Glucose Management
  • Chapter 18: Monitoring: Glucose
  • Chapter 19: Therapy Intensification: Technology and Pattern Management
  • Chapter 20: Pharmacotherapy: Dyslipidemia and Hypertension in Persons With Diabetes
  • Chapter 21: Dietary Supplements and Diabetes: A Focus on Complementary Health Approaches
  • Chapter 22: Complementary Health Approaches and Diabetes Care
  • Chapter 23: Acute Hyperglycemia
  • Chapter 24: Pregnancy With Diabetes
  • Chapter 25: Cardiovascular Complications of Diabetes
  • Chapter 26: Eye Disease Related to Diabetes
  • Chapter 27: Diabetes-Related Kidney Disease
  • Chapter 28: Diabetes-Related Neuropathies
Appendix: Insulin Pump Therapy and Automated Insulin Delivery Systems

For more helpful tips while planning your study path, visit our 10 Steps to Succeed Page - or download our printable 10 Steps to Succeed Checklist.

As with most new textbooks, errors are discovered as readers pour through the pages. The ADCES has sent us a list of discovered errors as detailed below. 

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